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What is the weight of "weightlessness"?

"It's like flying with a dead elephant on our back." Weightlessness is a very confusing topic to discuss, due to the many misconceptions that come with it. The concept of "zero gravity" is displayed in several movies involving space, including the 1995 classic, "Apollo 13". Take a look at the scene below, where the team has to make a device to stop a leaking unit of CO2.

It seems like a self-explanatory concept, but, what EXACTLY is weightlessness? You're about to find out. A common belief among the general public is that there is no gravity in space, which is why weightlessness is sometimes referred to as "zero gravity". However, this is false. Gravity is still present in space; it is what keeps the moons and planets in orbit and is the force that holds the galaxy together. Gravity is also shown in events such as black hole collisions. Below is a diagram that shows the gravitational waves of different events in space.
So, where does th…
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Save the world? NAbSAlutely.

"I am the only certified astronaut and I'm saving your American ass!" This sci-fi disaster film from 1998 raises a lot of questions. No, not just about the excessive explosions and sub-par dialogue. But also, if we were in that situation today, what would NASA truly do about it?
In the movie, after the reveal of the severity of the meteor, NASA gets together and attempts to devise a plan to stop the meteor from striking Earth. This scene can be viewed below, ending at the 4:10 mark:

In the scene, NASA discusses how none of the plans discussed could work. But now, NASA has devised some new and improved plans that might be effective. One of the plans is named DART, or Double Asteroid Redirection Test. This mission involves what is called a "double asteroid", which is the asteroid Didymos and its moon. NASA plans on building a spacecraft that will purposely crash itself (at a speed of around 6 m/s) into Didymos's moon in order to change the orbit of the aster…

How erased are the physics in Eraser?

"He think he's the best guy in the game, and I think he's right. So, try not to piss him off, okay?" This 1996 cliche Schwarzenegger flick is an enjoyable watch simply for its absurdity, especially when it comes to physics. What do I mean exactly? Let me explain.
Eraser follows John Kruger, also known as "The Eraser", if the title didn't make that obvious enough. Kruger (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is a Witness Protection specialist who takes people in trouble with big corporations and gives them a completely new identity and takes them to a new location where they will not be found. This time, the person being erased is Lee Cullen, a defense contractor who has concrete evidence that nuclear weapons are being sold to terrorists by Cyrez, an arms corporation. - The Rail Gun - The primary focus of this movie is a weapon called a rail-gun. In the movie, this weapon has a green LED that is able to detect humans. Once the target is acquired, it can fire bullets a…

How Possible is Mission Imposible III?

"I work for an agency. It's called IMF". "What does it stand for?" "Impossible Mission Force."
That is quite the convenient agency title.

The third installment of the American action spy series "Mission Impossible" has it's fair share of questionable scenes. Sure, they are entertaining. Sometimes laughable. But the real question is...are they (mission) possible?

The Building Swing The most notable and intriguing scene in the film is where Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) attempts to swing from building to building in order to sneak in and retrieve the rabbit's foot, which is the important yet mysterious object that Hunt needs to give to Owen Davian to save his fiancee, Julia, from death. The scene will be linked below for your viewing pleasure.

After watching this scene, every viewer is probably asking the same question: Exactly how possible is this? Let's think about what information is needed to answer this question. We need to find out t…

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